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 Why Do You Need To Know About Radical Lean Transformation?

Starting out on your lean journey can be a harrowing experience, and it is not for the faint of heart! Everyone will tell you that the application of lean principles is easy. This is true conceptually, however in the real world there are unseen variables that can interfere with the process. These unseen variables are usually have an emotional origin and are driven by opinion. They are not based on factual data but often have a far reaching impact on the success or failure of any lean implementation process! Here is a series of three short videos explaining the typical lean transformation jouruney:


Lean Transformation Starts With Education!

A company starts their Lean Transformation by educating their employees to understand lean principles and how to apply them to improve their workplace. An important aspect of any Lean Transformation is improvement and this requires change. Employees, supervisors, and the management team must all be on the same page as the change is being implemented. Here is our Radical Lean Transformation and Implementation Roadmap:

Radical Lean Transformation

Change must be managed, it does not occur by chance. Lean Transformation will often require a paradigm shift  in the organizational culture, and this can be stressful if it is not managed in the right way. A management team must ensure that the right information is being given to their employees at the right time to allow them to understand what is happening and why it is necessary to do it.

10 Steps to Become a Lean Enterprise

We have a complete lean training and implementation curriculum based on the “10 Steps to Become a Lean Enterprise” training and implementation model that was designed and developed by Chris Turner. He identified the implementation sequence for the lean tools and techniques that delivered the best results:

lean training & implementation model
10 Step Training & Implementation Model

Step 1 – Strategy Deployment (Hoshin Kanri)

Step 2 – Value Stream Mapping

Step  3 – Workplace Organization

Step  4 – Improve Process Flow

Step  5 – Reduce Process Downtime

Step  6 – Implement a Pull System

Step  7 – Balance the Workload

Step  8 – Standardized Work

Step  9 – Continuous Process Improvement

Step 10 – Lean Supply Chain

Implementing the 10 Step training and implementation model into your organization is the first step towards transforming your business into a Lean Enterprise. We know it, we’ve seen it, and we guarantee it!

To get you started on your lean journey, you can download a free copy of our Lean Assessment Tool. This tool will help you take the first action which is to quality and quantify the current status of your organization’s processes to generate a baseline value. All future improvements will be assessed using the same tool to determine their value, and this will be compared with the original baseline value to determine if your processes are actually improving or not!

Lean Training Focused on Three Business Sectors.

We offer several lean modules and we can deliver them to your employees either with one of our facilitators on-site, or online through our self-paced online training courses. The online training courses cover three specific business sectors, which are Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Administration (Office). You can see more details about each business sector by clicking on a specific image:

lean manufacturing training online

lean healthcare training online

lean office training online

Lean Training Competency Levels.

There are three competency levels in the focused lean training courses for each of the three business sectors – Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Administration (Office). To see more information about our online lean training courses, just click on one of the images below and you will be taken to one of Radical Transformation’s premier lean training websites

lean six sigma awareness training online

lean six sigma practitioner training online

lean six sigma expert training online

To find out more about the online lean training courses just click on one of the images above and you will be taken to one of Radical Transformation’s lean training websites.

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