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Furniture Manufacturer Implements Lean Production

How often do you see a  news article with the title – A US Furniture Manufacturer Implements Lean Production. It’s really exciting to see a report about a U.S. company investing to upgrade their facility, especially in a down economy, when all you usually read is bad news! Companies are starting to realize that many of their customer […]

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Can Your Business Satisfy Customer Needs?

The purpose of this article is to get you to ask this question: “Can your business satisfy customer needs?” This seems like a pretty straightforward question. However, it is not always that easy to get a straight-forward answer. Most business owners will tell you that they are “definitely satisfying their customer needs.” How do they […]

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Lean Management System is a Critical Element!

Lean management using key aspects of lean principles One of the key aspects of Lean principles is the position that a management team takes during an implementation process. They need to realize that a Lean Management System is a critical element to ensure a successful implementation. It is necessary to create a pro-active infrastructure that […]

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