Lean Certification Training –What the difference between Hard skills vs. Soft skills?

When I created the curriculum for Lean Certification Online, I included both hard skills and soft skills into the lean training programs. I want to explain what I mean by “hard and soft skills” and why it is so important to use both. When a management team discovers the benefits of lean principles, they go to great lengths […]

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Lean Enterprise in 10 Easy Steps

The way to successfully implement some thing is to break it down into smaller chunks of activity. In doing this the brain can come to terms with what is being asked of it and how it all fits together. Implementing Lean principles falls under the same process. It’s to big for most people to get […]

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Lean Manufacturing Jobs – Part 2

Let’s talk about Lean Manufacturing Jobs – Part 2 It can be very overwhelming when a person searches on the internet for lean manufacturing jobs. I did a random search on the internet for a lean manufacturing jobs posting and I found this one for a Lean Coordinator. You will notice that this company has […]

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Wow, this empowerment thing makes me feel important!

A business must empower its employees to become a Lean Enterprise! I often hear the word “empowerment” spoken when managers talk about implementing Lean principles. I know when they start using the word in every sentence that they read it in one of their recently purchased Lean books.  However, it raises an interesting question. What […]

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