Lean Six Sigma does it help or harm? Part 2

In this down economy, companies are jumping onto the Lean Six Sigma bandwagon to improve their performance. Is it throwing good money into a bad idea? Will it help? A common factor was achieving excellent quality. These companies were able to achieve two things simultaneously, reduce costs and increase profits. This lead to a “quality […]

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Which is better, Lean or Six Sigma?

Every business needs to understand the consequences of choosing a Lean or Six Sigma program! The question often comes up about which system delivers the best results Lean or Six Sigma? It’s important that every management team understands the consequences of choosing one over the other. Which one should you choose? Which one will deliver […]

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Lean Accounting, you have to be kidding! What’s wrong with GAAP?

Why are financial people assessing apples and oranges? Is often gets bought to one’s attention that not all businesses are created equal. You might have noticed this yourself as you notice the traits of a successful company versus those of the unsuccessful ones. I have made this activity a professional pastime of mine and it […]

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