Lean Healthcare Methods Deliver Improvements

Lean Healthcare is the buzz word of the day! The question is: Does it really deliver measurable results? I found this article in Canadian Healthcare Technology and it highlights the successful application of lean principles to improve the quality of healthcare for the patient. As the cost of healthcare is rising at a faster rate than income, many […]

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Lean Enterprise – So What’s it All About?

Lean Enterprise – Is your company meeting the demands of customers while increasing market share and profits? It’s amazing how many companies actually gloss over the obvious. Many businesses are moving through each day, dealing with one crisis after the next. They’ve become addicted to using fire fighting techniques to maintain the status quo, Anyone […]

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Lean Six Sigma does it help or harm? Part 2

In this down economy, companies are jumping onto the Lean Six Sigma bandwagon to improve their performance. Is it throwing good money into a bad idea? Will it help? A common factor was achieving excellent quality. These companies were able to achieve two things simultaneously, reduce costs and increase profits. This lead to a “quality […]

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Workplaces Organization? Is it really necessary?

High Performance Workplaces Organization. Lean manufacturing is well known for it use of very simple tools and techniques to achieve great results. One such tool is 5S, which is very simple and easy to implement, it will do wonders for any organization. The 5S’s are Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. They are […]

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