Lean Management System is a Critical Element!

Lean management using key aspects of lean principles One of the key aspects of Lean principles is the position that a management team takes during an implementation process. They need to realize that a Lean Management System is a critical element to ensure a successful implementation. It is necessary to create a pro-active infrastructure that […]

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Lean Production at GE Reduced Assembly Times by 68%

  According to an article cited in the Harvard Business Review, GE Chief Executive, Jeff Immelt said that Lean Production at GE reduced assembly times by 68% at Appliance Park in Louisville, KY where they manufacturing and assemble dishwashers. Below is an excerpt from the Financial Times article explaining how GE are moving away from their […]

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We want your help with our lean program!

It’s important to define the word “help” when the client is saying it! I had a call from a company and they told me they wanted me to help them implement lean in their facility. It is always exciting to hear from potential new clients particularly in this economy. I shared my background and lean […]

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We’ve been doing Lean Principles for ten years!

It’s important to understand the difference between doing and living Lean Principles. I was talking with a potential client last week and they gave me their history of Lean over the last ten years. “So, you’ve been doing lean for ten years?” I asked. “Yes, we have, and proud of our achievements, too” replied the […]

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