Lean Manufacturing Courses

Listed below is information about our 3 Lean Manufacturing Courses Lean Manufacturing training courses: Our online self-paced Lean Manufacturing training courses are designed to allow you to learn about the concepts, development and application of lean principles in an production area or manufacturing environment. Our training courses are structured based on the 10 Steps to […]

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Lean Training

What Is Lean Training? The concept of Just in Time (JIT) and lean manufacturing training methods have been attributed to Henry Ford, who started researching and developing more efficient production methods in 1910. Ford created an automobile manufacturing system to build the Model T that was called a moving assembly line. The introduction of Ford’s […]

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What are the Reasons for Taking a Lean Manufacturing Training Course?

So, you’re interested in learning about lean manufacturing. You probably started purchasing books, browsing the internet to find articles and reading everything you can about lean manufacturing. You may have already come to the realization that it is something that would benefit you and your company. However, you are just not sure about how to […]

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