How A Lean Office Reduced Processing Time By 50%

What if I told you that by implementing lean principles in your office areas, it’s possible to reduce your administrative processing time by 50%. Would you believe me? I think I am probably hearing a “maybe, or a maybe not”, right? What if you were presented with data that clearly demonstrated how a company actually achieved this […]

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Lean Certification Training Improves Productivity

List of Lean Certification Training Updates I wanted to send you this information about some of the updates we’ve just completed on the Lean Certification Online website.  We have added several new videos and training materials to our self-paced online lean training courses. In the near future we will adding Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and […]

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Lean Certification Training Transforms Management Thinking

In an organization that is implementing a lean management system the stumbling block to success is not necessarily the employees but it is often the management team. I decided to write this article to reflect how lean certification training transforms management thinking and their approach to implementing lean principles. Transformation in any business starts by […]

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We offer two types of training to meet the needs of our clients: Self-paced online lean training courses Live virtual online classes The combination of these two categories of learning programs has developed into what is called “Blended Learning.” This is the best option for adults who want to improve their knowledge about Lean Principles. […]

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