Lean Certification Training –What the difference between Hard skills vs. Soft skills?

When I created the curriculum for Lean Certification Online, I included both hard skills and soft skills into the lean training programs. I want to explain what I mean by “hard and soft skills” and why it is so important to use both. When a management team discovers the benefits of lean principles, they go to great lengths […]

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Lean Manufacture

Can You Lean Manufacture Any Products Or Services? Many organizations are constantly doing research to find new methods of improving their manufacturing processes. One of the main ideas that they are likely to start investigating is lean manufacturing principles. They will often delve deeper into the subject and start to ask a series of questions. […]

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Working Through a Lean Transformation

Lean transformation can be an emotional roller coaster for any organization. Although a lean transformation is good for business, employees, and the economy, going through the process can be an emotional roller coaster for any organization. Embarking on a lean transformation often means a lot of change taking place throughout a company and this may […]

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