Lean Management System is a Critical Element!

Lean management using key aspects of lean principles One of the key aspects of Lean principles is the position that a management team takes during an implementation process. They need to realize that a Lean Management System is a critical element to ensure a successful implementation. It is necessary to create a pro-active infrastructure that […]

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Lean Certification Training –What the difference between Hard skills vs. Soft skills?

When I created the curriculum for Lean Certification Online, I included both hard skills and soft skills into the lean training programs. I want to explain what I mean by “hard and soft skills” and why it is so important to use both. When a management team discovers the benefits of lean principles, they go to great lengths […]

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The Question Is – What is Lean Manufacturing?

Lean manufacturing is a continuous process improvement methodology based on the Toyota Production System (TPS). The basic idea of lean manufacturing is for a company to capitalize on delivering value to their customers by teaching employees to identify and eliminate waste from their work environment. Simply put, a business must focus on utilizing its resources […]

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Lean Six Sigma does it help or harm? Part 1

In this down economy, companies are jumping onto the Lean Six Sigma bandwagon to improve their performance. Since the introduction of the Toyota Production System (TPS) in the 1950’s, it has been the foundation of continuous process improvement throughout many areas of the manufacturing sector. Toyota Production System is based on the Just in Time […]

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