Lean Enterprise in 10 Easy Steps

The way to successfully implement some thing is to break it down into smaller chunks of activity. In doing this the brain can come to terms with what is being asked of it and how it all fits together. Implementing Lean principles falls under the same process. It’s to big for most people to get […]

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Which is better, Lean or Six Sigma?

Every business needs to understand the consequences of choosing a Lean or Six Sigma program! The question often comes up about which system delivers the best results Lean or Six Sigma? It’s important that every management team understands the consequences of choosing one over the other. Which one should you choose? Which one will deliver […]

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How Managers can Facilitate or Terminate the Improvement Process?

De-motivating the team members during a Kaizen event is easy. Kaizen events are the perfect environment to guide a team through a process of improvement that will inspire and motivate them. I like to think of Kaizen events as “play sessions.” Employees are given a time-out from their work schedule to play and think outside […]

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Lean Certification Training Online Today, it is much easier to deliver the right training to employees using Lean Certification Online self-paced courses. No need to stop work, or re-schedule any appointments because employees have to leave their workplace to attend a class. Click on one of the links to read about the training: Lean Manufacturing […]

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