Lean Office Organization

Here is a great video about lean office organization. It explains some simple ways to better organize a home or business office space to increase effectiveness and reduce inefficiencies. When you realize how much time is wasted just looking for things, it’s amazing how productivity increases and it seems like your not working as hard to […]

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Lean Certification Training –What the difference between Hard skills vs. Soft skills?

When I created the curriculum for Lean Certification Online, I included both hard skills and soft skills into the lean training programs. I want to explain what I mean by “hard and soft skills” and why it is so important to use both. When a management team discovers the benefits of lean principles, they go to great lengths […]

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What Is a Lean Administration

Can you use lean manufacturing principles in administration. If you own a business in today’s economy, you have most likely been hearing and reading how companies who implemented lean manufacturing and lean business methods are weathering the storm much better than many non-lean companies are. On the other hand, you may have already implemented lean […]

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Lean Office – Improve Their Administrative Processes

What Are Lean Office Practices? Many business owners who continue to struggle in today’s economy have probably not heard about the successful companies who have avoided the same fate. What did they do that was so different? They took the time to learn how to implement lean principles to improve their business practices and service […]

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Workplaces Organization? Is it really necessary?

High Performance Workplaces Organization. Lean manufacturing is well known for it use of very simple tools and techniques to achieve great results. One such tool is 5S, which is very simple and easy to implement, it will do wonders for any organization. The 5S’s are Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. They are […]

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We’ve been doing Lean Principles for ten years!

It’s important to understand the difference between doing and living Lean Principles. I was talking with a potential client last week and they gave me their history of Lean over the last ten years. “So, you’ve been doing lean for ten years?” I asked. “Yes, we have, and proud of our achievements, too” replied the […]

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