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Strategy – Looking to the North for a star is not easy unless you know which direction to face!

Many organizations struggle with the need to improve their business processes and maintain their revenue stream. Business Process Improvement requires time and money. It s therefore very important for a business to ensure they are putting their money into sound .

Oshin Kanri

Oshin Kanri

It’s very important for any business to have a clear understanding of what is stopping it from achieving success. Without knowing this important piece of information they will continue to repeat the same mistakes. There are no failures, only results.

An organization must know where it is going. It must also understand where it has been. Without these two important pieces of information they will not be able to make the necessary changes. A business that is not changing to meet the demands of its customers is stagnant or going backwards.

The Japanese term for Strategy Deployment is “Hoshin Kanri.” The term is aligned with the concept of a compass guiding a traveler to determine the direction of North. Many companies have successfully implemented Strategy Deployment to guide their business process improvement projects.

Deciding what to improve and where to improve is very difficult for any business. Focusing their valuable resources on doing the right things is something every business has to define. What are the strategic processes in the business that must improve to have a positive impact on the ?


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