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How does a business know if it’s making the right choice with ?

I am receiving lots of emails about Lean Six Sigma. People are asking me all kinds of questions about it. What is it? How do you get trained in it?

Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma

Does it work? It goes on and on with endless questions about it. What is this telling me about Lean Six Sigma, when lots of people are searching for information? It tells me that the system has a mystic about it, and that you need a key to enter the hallowed halls of the Lean Six Sigma fraternity. So, what is the key? It’s called a “Black Belt”, get one of these and you will be accepted into the LSS brotherhood.  However, if you don’t have one you will remain an outsider.

It’s amazing how systems become accepted as buzz words. I must be getting older because I can remember when “Just in Time and Lean” first became buzz words. Lean Six Sigma is the latest system to be elevated into a buzz phrase. I can also remember when three-sigma (3 σ) was the goal of any .  However, today it’s all focused on attaining six-sigma (6 σ). It would appear that no business can survive without it. How many companies are actually capable of attaining and sustaining 6 σ? Well, according to the doctrine of Lean Six Sigma, any company is able to accomplish it. How practical is it for a company to work towards this goal?

Lean Six Sigma is touted just like sugar candy being sold in a candy store. The result of eating too much candy is a sugar high and then the emotional downer that follows. Implementing a new system because it seems to be the latest thing to do is buying into the hype, just like the sugar high. There are companies implementing Lean Six Sigma and spending lots of money to train their people to level. I know that many will regret their decision. Why is this?

We will discuss “Why” in Part 2 of the next blog entry.

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