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According to an article cited in the Harvard Business Review, GE Chief Executive, Jeff Immelt said that at GE reduced assembly times by 68% at Appliance Park in Louisville, KY where they manufacturing and assemble dishwashers.

Lean Production at GE

Lean Production at GE

Below is an excerpt from the Financial Times article explaining how GE are moving away from their emphasis on and cost reduction towards using to improve overall performance.  If this is true, it’s a huge shift in GE’s philosophy away from the bygone days of Jack Welch and his top down autocratic management style.
I’ve included a link to the new video about GE’s Appliance Park project. I believe it’s an excellent PR tool for any business that is thinking of implementing their own lean program.


Lean Production at GE Reduced Assembly Times by 68%!

One side of lean production is technical, involving processes such as just-in-time delivery to reduce inventory. The other involves people, organizing production workers into teams with responsibility for identifying problems and suggesting solutions.
At GE’s Louisville plant, lean also means co-locating all the functions associated with manufacturing: design, engineering, quality control, production, even product development, on the same site, so opportunities to improve the process or respond to changes in the market can be acted on quickly. Those are benefits that are impossible to achieve with outsourced manufacturing in a low-wage economy.
In a Harvard Business Review article Jeff Immelt, GE chief executive, said that by using lean production Appliance Park teams have cut by 68 per cent the time taken to build a dishwasher.



For anyone thinking about the potential for implementing lean principles into their own business the video and article above gives a great introduction to the empowerment of employees. When everyone can work together on a common goal and know that their input is valued, it creates a powerful force that can not easily be overcome.I acknowledge GE for demonstrating that it is possible to bring back manufacturing into the USA and still be competitive in the global markets. They are proving it by showing how lean production at GE reduced assembly times by 68%, which is great.


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