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Article written by Chris Turner

I read this article and found it more than interesting for one reason, most people think lean principles are only relevant in the manufacturing industry. However, this is far from the truth and a terrible misunderstanding of the facts. This article appeared in the Business and Finance section in a recent edition of Rueters and it dispels the myth by demonstrating how lean principles help Lectra achieve world class status. The most interesting fact to note is that Lectra is a textile company and they implemented to achieve a 98% availability rate in their cutting room. This is an achievement that is unparalleled in the textile industry. Enjoy the article.

Lean Principles Help Lectra Achieve World Class Status

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Lean Principles Help Lectra Achieve World Class Status

Lectra CEO, Bertrand Crönert aims to reinforce Lectra’s leadership as a long-standing partner of the fashion, automotive, aeronautical and furniture industries, in the overall optimization of their production processes. Lectra’s cutting room solutions, the reference for the most demanding companies, guarantee maximum return on investment and the lowest total cost of ownership. Lectra’s cutters are extremely powerful, with an availability rate near 98%-even when used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week-a record unparalleled in the industry.

“Thanks to its experience with major companies in the automotive industry, Lectra has developed in-depth knowledge of Lean Manufacturing, which benefits our production solutions. Our teams have integrated Lean fundamentals into our technologies-improving usage time, detecting and resolving malfunctions, eliminating superfluous tasks, eradicating quality failures-that can be easily applied to other sectors, fashion in particular, with its continuous collections and just-in-time production,” said Daniel Harari, Lectra CEO. “Bertrand’s mission is at the heart of Lectra’s strategy which aims to provide long-term support to leading companies in implementing their Lean approach, and Bertrand, with his long experience of complex technological projects acquired in the automotive and energy industries, will allow Lectra to enter a new phase.”

The appointment of Bertrand Crönert is part of the plan to reinforce sales and marketing teams worldwide, as well as that of seeking sustained R&D investments, which will allow Lectra to support its customers in post-crisis challenges.

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So, what does this article clearly demonstrate? It shows that lean principles can be successfully integrated into any business and all industries. Any organization that has processes can implement lean manufacturing principles. Therefore, any lean consultant with a good level of hands-on experience spanning across several industries will know how to apply lean principles  into any business process. It is for this reason that lean principles help Lectra achieve world class status and achieve such incredible results by doing so.

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