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Consultants – the fundamental question

I was asked to write an article about Lean Consultants for Alzatex Timers. I sat and thought about it for a few moments and decided to write an article that would try to answer the fundamental question asked by all business owners – “Are Lean Manufacturing Consultants Cost Effective?”

Lean :

I really enjoyed sharing my opinion about this subject because it is one that I experience almost everyday. When companies call me and talk to me about how to start to implement lean principles, the conversation turns to a discussion about the cost of my services.

Lean Manufacturing Consultants – Are They Cost Effective?

Lean Manufacturing Consultants

Lean Manufacturing Consultants

During my travels, I find myself getting involved in interesting conversations, particularly while sitting in airports or on planes. Part of the excitement for me is that I never know who is going to be sitting in the next seat. When we get through the initial “Hello” and mutual introductions, the following question is “Are you traveling for pleasure or business? “ I usually travel on business. Then they ask, “What do you do for a living?” Well, it’s amusing to watch their reaction when I tell the person that I am a ! It is usually followed up with one of two responses:

“Oh, that’s great. I love that lean manufacturing stuff. Tell me more”

“Oh, so your one of those people that teaches that Japanese stuff to make people work faster, and get out more production, right? Yeah, we tried it at my company, but it didn’t work. It just made things worse!”

When I hear the second response, I ask a question: “Did you use the services of Lean Manufacturing Consultants?” The common reply is “No way, that is much too expensive. We trained our own people and did it ourselves.” I continue to find these kinds of conversations to be a great source of learning. The most important lesson for me…Read the full article.

Lean Consultant:

I hope this article helps you to gain a better understanding of the cost effectiveness of using the services of any consultant.

Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing

Everything in business is a trade off between cost versus time. The general belief is that if you have the time you can save money by doing it yourself. Why is this short sighted?

As a business owner, where do you get the best bang for the buck? Is it, focusing your time on reinventing the wheel to develop a new lean system? Or, is it focusing your time and energy on growing your business? Most people think they can do both, but they can’t. Why?

Well, most business owners are trying to spread their resources to thin and in the end they fail to achieve their goal. They set themselves and their employees up to fail. They don’t do this on purpose, they do it because they get lost in the day to day events of running a business.

A Lean Consultant can totally focus their time and energy on training the people in the organization to understand and implementing lean principles. The consultant will shorten the learning curve and transfer their knowledge to the employees, however the management team must be supportive or it will eventually fail.

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