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One of the key aspects of Lean principles is the position that a management team takes during an implementation process. They need to realize that a Lean Management System is a critical element to ensure a successful implementation. It is necessary to create a pro-active infrastructure that can support the right culture and sustain the improvements over the long term.

lean management

Lean Management

Too many companies are applying lean principles as a quick fix and then wondering why things start going south after a few months. It is estimated that over 90% of companies that implement a will fail within two years of starting their lean journey.

Principles of lean management:

I was doing some research on YouTube and found this video that was posted by The Lean Enterprise Academy. It is a presentation by John Shook, CEO of the . He is talking about “The Future of Lean: Deepening the Fundamentals: embedding the practice of Lean” at the Lean Summit 2011 that was an event that was run by the Lean Enterprise Academy in the UK. I am sure the information in this video will be very helpful if you are thinking about implementing lean in your own business.

Lean management system is a critical element for sure!


Lean management summary:

I always enjoy listening to John Shook because he gives great insights about implementing Lean principles. After almost 30 years in the Continuous Process Improvement field, I believe that a Lean Management System is a critical element of any lean implementation process. In this video, John Shook shared some priceless nuggets of information. Anyone can learn from the information. If you enjoyed this video leave a comment below and share this blog post with your friends. Also, don’t forget to “Like” our Facebook page.

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