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I wanted to send you this information about some of the updates we’ve just completed on the Lean Certification Online website.  We have added several new videos and training materials to our self-paced online lean training courses. In the near future we will adding (TPM) and 3P training courses. We continue to prove time and time again to our clients that Lean Certification Training improves productivity and is the most cost effective way to train employees, and give them the skills to improve their own workplace.

lean certification training

Lean Certification Training

As you probably know there is a resurgence of interest about the application of and lean manufacturing training in the business world, which is creating a shortage of people with the right skills to fill those positions. If you don’t believe what I am saying, just take a moment to check our Lean Jobs page and it will confirm what I am saying. As I was writing this post, there are over 1,300 open positions for lean practitioners throughout the US.  Why is this happening?

Well, as management teams are stating to realize that Lean Six Sigma and Six Sigma programs are not delivering the ‘best bang for the buck.’ Why, because it costs too much and it takes too long to train people in Six Sigma and to develop a solid infrastructure that can sustain the improvements over the long term. Also, the complexity of Six Sigma has created anew level of elite specialists, which is alien to the original concept of  lean thinking.  Many companies are asking for Lean Six Sigma certification but in truth they are not capable of implementing a complete Six Sigma process. In other words it is a waste of resources and money. Most companies only need to implement lean principles with some basic problem solving skills to see real and effective results.

Lean Certification Training Online Courses

Lean knowledge starts with our Level 1 – Lean Awareness training course, which is the foundation of our lean training series called “10 Steps to become a Lean Enterprise.” This course focuses on the lean concepts and terminology with an overview of the lean tools and techniques. It is a course that is designed for people that have little to no knowledge of lean principles.

Next, is our Level 2 – Lean Practitioner training course, which takes you through the application and implementation of lean principles into the workplace. Our Level 2 course is specifically designed for people that want to participate in lean improvement or kaizen events.

The Level 3 – Lean Expert is our premier lean training package, which is specifically designed for people that intend to teach lean principles to others and facilitate improvement teams. It takes the person through the Level 1 – Lean Awareness and Level 2 – Lean Practitioner training courses and then focuses on the detailed application and integration of lean principles into any business environment.

All three levels have been created and developed for three different business environments i.e. Lean Manufacturing, Lean Healthcare and Lean Administration (or Lean Office). I have inserted a video introduction to the Level 1 – Lean Awareness training course.

Lean Certification Training Improves Productivity

Lean Certification Training improves productivity

lean certification training online

Lean Certification Training Online

I appreciate you taking the time to read this article and watch the video. I wanted to give a better understanding of my intepretation of the implementation of lean princiles ito any business environment. I know from my almost 30 years of expereince in the Lean Process Improvement field that Lean Certification Training improves productivity. How does it improve productivity? It empowers employees to partciapte in the improvement process.

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