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How A Lean Office Reduced Processing Time By 50%

What if I told you that by implementing lean principles in your office areas, it’s possible to reduce your administrative processing time by 50%. Would you believe me? I think I am probably hearing a “maybe, or a maybe not”, right? What if you were presented with data that clearly demonstrated how a company actually achieved this […]

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Lean Office Organization

Here is a great video about lean office organization. It explains some simple ways to better organize a home or business office space to increase effectiveness and reduce inefficiencies. When you realize how much time is wasted just looking for things, it’s amazing how productivity increases and it seems like your not working as hard to […]

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What Is a Lean Administration

Can you use lean manufacturing principles in administration. If you own a business in today’s economy, you have most likely been hearing and reading how companies who implemented lean manufacturing and lean business methods are weathering the storm much better than many non-lean companies are. On the other hand, you may have already implemented lean […]

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Lean Office – Improve Their Administrative Processes

What Are Lean Office Practices? Many business owners who continue to struggle in today’s economy have probably not heard about the successful companies who have avoided the same fate. What did they do that was so different? They took the time to learn how to implement lean principles to improve their business practices and service […]

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