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Lean Healthcare – Is It Possible?

Is Lean Healthcare the way forward? It seems that every day, there is another news article about the state of the healthcare system in the United States. Spiraling costs and an aging population are placing a heavy burden that is overwhelming the people and the systems, they use to deliver quality patient care. So the […]

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Lean Healthcare Methods Deliver Improvements

Lean Healthcare is the buzz word of the day! The question is: Does it really deliver measurable results? I found this article in Canadian Healthcare Technology and it highlights the successful application of lean principles to improve the quality of healthcare for the patient. As the cost of healthcare is rising at a faster rate than income, many […]

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Lean Healthcare! Do Patients Benefit?

What is all the hype about using Lean principles to improve healthcare? We have been hearing a lot of talk lately about the state of healthcare. With an aging population, it is becoming a very expensive process to provide adequate healthcare to all who need it. Once you get past the political rhetoric, there are […]

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Lean Healthcare! Is it good for patients?

Can Lean Healthcare improve the delivery of services to patients? The term “Lean Healthcare” has become a buzz word during the last couple of years. There are many more lean web sites using this term to attract potential clients connected to the healthcare industry. It has become similar to a shark feast as consulting firms […]

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