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The Future of Manufacturing

Here is a great video I found that discusses the future of manufacturing in the global economy and what this means for the major international business systems.  Globalization is here to stay and business owners need to understand the pro’s and con’s of being involved in this process. Manufacturing is not a dying art throughout […]

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Can Lean Six Sigma Deliver Results?

More About Lean Six Sigma Over the years, I have seen many improvement systems come and go.  Every week there seems to be a book introducing another buzzword and proposing a new method for improving your business processes. Amid all the hype, there is one key question for any business owner to ask; “Are any […]

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Furniture Manufacturer Implements Lean Production

How often do you see a  news article with the title – A US Furniture Manufacturer Implements Lean Production. It’s really exciting to see a report about a U.S. company investing to upgrade their facility, especially in a down economy, when all you usually read is bad news! Companies are starting to realize that many of their customer […]

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How A Lean Office Reduced Processing Time By 50%

What if I told you that by implementing lean principles in your office areas, it’s possible to reduce your administrative processing time by 50%. Would you believe me? I think I am probably hearing a “maybe, or a maybe not”, right? What if you were presented with data that clearly demonstrated how a company actually achieved this […]

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Can Your Business Satisfy Customer Needs?

The purpose of this article is to get you to ask this question: “Can your business satisfy customer needs?” This seems like a pretty straightforward question. However, it is not always that easy to get a straight-forward answer. Most business owners will tell you that they are “definitely satisfying their customer needs.” How do they […]

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Lean Healthcare – Is It Possible?

Is Lean Healthcare the way forward? It seems that every day, there is another news article about the state of the healthcare system in the United States. Spiraling costs and an aging population are placing a heavy burden that is overwhelming the people and the systems, they use to deliver quality patient care. So the […]

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How to Implement Lean Manufacturing?

The number one question that I see coming up time and time again is: How to implement lean manufacturing? As many executive management teams and business owners are being forced by the economy to step back and take a look at their operations to see how they can improve their processes, reduce costs and improve value […]

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What Is Lean Process?

One of the questions that I receive in my email inbox more than any other is “What is Lean Process?” You would think that everyone would know the answer to this question, especially when we are living in the 21st century. It makes you wonder where these people that ask me this question have been […]

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What is Lean Production Success?

So, the key question is: What is Lean Production Success? How do you define and understand it? Every company that is seriously trying to implement lean production methodologies wants to read and hear positive things about other companies that are experiencing great results by doing the same. Anyone that says implementing lean production methods is easy is not being totally honest. It is […]

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