Lean Certification Online is a site that is devoted to the developement and continuous improvement of the application of Lean principles into any business sector. We are focused on sharing the latest ideas about training, implementation and sustainment of Lean principles in the workplace. Our goal is to develop the best online system to give access to everyone seeking knowledge about Lean Principles.

This website was designed and developed by Chris Turner, founder and owner of Radical Transformation LLC. Chris has most 30 years of experience in the Continuous Process Improvement field. During this time, he has integrated Lean Principles, Lean Six Sigma and Change Management into his skill’s portfolio. He has worked with major organizations in the UK, USA and Canada such as the US Air Force, Canadian Ministry of Health, Siemens, Medtronic, APW, English China Clay to name a few.

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 Posted on : May 10, 2010

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