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Let’s Talk About Jobs – Part 1

I receive many phone calls and emails from people asking me about . The types of enquiries I receive are mainly questions regarding the requirements a person needs in the way of education, training, and work experience, in order to apply for lean manufacturing positions. I wish there was a fixed formula, but unfortunately there is not. A business is going to spend time and money trying to find the right person for the lean manufacturing position. A company may receive hundreds of resumes from prospective candidates and it will take time to sort through each one. Then, providing a candidate can make it over the initial set of hurdles, a company will bring them to their facility to conduct a face to face interview. This also takes time, and may include the additional costs of a flight, hotel, and a rental car. A business usually wants to find the best person for the job in the shortest timeframe. How will they achieve this? They will use technology to reduce the time and costs of processing resumes for prospective candidates to determine who meets their criteria. What are their criteria?

All lean manufacturing jobs are going to have similarities in their knowledge requirements but will demand different levels of work experience based on the type of business environment. It all comes down to the level of lean experience within the company as well as with the person who is writing the job description and creating the job search information package for the lean manufacturing jobs posting. Some organizations get their human resources department to create the job package while others leave it to the Operation, Production, or Quality Managers. Others will use the services of a third party such as a professional . Most job descriptions are aimed at attracting a perfect candidate to apply for the position; however the company will not know the standard of available candidates until they start to receive resumes. The first thing that most companies start with is a key word search of each resume to see if there are matches against those in the job description and requirements. So, the first thing to do when applying for a lean manufacturing job is to make sure you have these key words inserted in your resume. Another important point of any job search is to make sure you can cover at least 80% of the requirements in the job description before you even consider applying for it. Anything below this is a huge gamble in getting past the first phase, which is the key word search of your resume. The best way to explain this is to demonstrate using an actual search of lean manufacturing jobs.

To find out more, read the next section in Lean Manufacturing Jobs – Part 2.

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