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Let’s talk about Lean – Part 3

The best and only way to decide if you meet the necessary requirements is to break the jobs posting information into small chunks or categories. A person will end up with three categories of information: education, skills, and experience.

Education: Do you meet the minimum educational level in the lean manufacturing jobs posting?

Lean Manufacturing Jobs

Lean Manufacturing Jobs

If they are asking for a degree (bachelors is the minimum requirement) this is exactly what they want. The only way you may be able to negotiate around this requirement is if you have several years of work experience with an excellent history of proven results to offset it. Some companies are willing to do this.

Skills: Can you demonstrate the ability to do the job?

Most companies will be interested in your level of skill and how you attained it. What lean training have you done? Where did you complete your lean training? Was it through a college, professional seminar, or on the job training? When preparing for an interview it’s important to develop your own personal story about your professional learning experiences and how you became a lean manufacturing expert. This will help an interviewer to assess your personal qualities and commitment to learning.

Experience: Where have you worked and what results have you achieved?

There are two categories of experience – how you interact with people and how you deliver results. I hold the personal belief that having the ability to develop strong working relationships is 80% of the lean work experience. The other 20% is about the technical application of lean tools and how you use them to generate results. If a person can’t develop relationships then they will find it very difficult to motivate people to learn, implement, and sustain and tools.

If a person has excellent technical abilities but poor people skills they will not be successful in developing and working in a lean culture. On the other hand if a person has excellent people and technical application skills they will have a much better chance of being successful working in a supportive organization. I know some lean experts who do not have the best technical capabilities but are great at inspiring and motivating people and they always deliver excellent results.

So the key question is: What type of person would be a best fit for the job description from the lean manufacturing jobs search? Well, the education level will prevail as a basic requirement for this position unless the candidate can negotiate around it using their work experience and performance results. The skill and work experience of the person who is capable of fulfilling this position is someone who has at least 8 to 10 years of continuous work experience in a lean manufacturing position. From my search of lean manufacturing jobs, I do not believe a person with only 2 – 3 years of experience would be capable of meeting all of the requirements defined in this type of posting.

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